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"There has to be a better solution !"

The Beginning

We cut our teeth in sales, deciding our careers and our fortunes would be made in the Senior insurance market. Over our collective 40+ years experience as everything from independent Brokers to captive branded Agents, we have done, seen and SOLD it all. We were convinced after years of meetings, countless service calls and a careers' worth of closed sales, our fortunes were in danger. Together we knew, and sought to create, a better solution for Agents, Brokers and ourselves.

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The Past

Student Writing

The Solution

Adult Education Course

The Goal

Business Meeting

The Future

No longer are we as agents bound, limited, or stifled by a single GA.  We now have the tools, the knowledge, and the authority to become “An FMO of One”.  Together with IBP, our Partners, and the Power of Four, a future of security, growth and success can be yours!

Our primary goal: to teach agents, from the novice to the pro, innovative and exciting methods of agency creation, business development, skill retention, and partnership acquisition to become a true Professional Senior Planner.

We knew we now had a solution that not only enabled agents to retain a client's business, but to also set them along a trajectory creating new opportunities. We founded Innovative Broker Partners in 2015 to offer our solution in a program which excels in growing one’s knowledge base, developing beneficial partnerships, and serving all our senior clients’ needs.

We knew being bound to a singular line of business was our biggest obstacle. In the past, our up-line slowed our ability to support the ever-expanding arena of our clients’ needs and they failed to generate the commissions our arduous efforts should have garnered. Our past GA and its branded marketing campaign were just as archaic as the up-line overrides they subjected us to. Both were destined to be a thing of the past.

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