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Reduce, Reuse, Referral

Growing your business, expanding your market and finding the edge on your competition.

Our clients are our most important resource; from the referral to the conversion, creating a life long relationship with our Senior clients is vital to the growth of our business. We are their trusted advisor, and as such will have the right solution for them at the right time. Are you prepared to talk to your Medicare client about Long Term Care? What resources do you use to answer a client’s question about Life Insurance? How can you expand what resources you already possess into new lines of business?

As a Senior Specialist, our market is competitive. The need for consistent new lines of business and persistent growth bring home the importance of utilizing every resource at our disposal with maximum efficiency. How are you balancing your marketing with your networking, service with production?

Our Senior population, as well as our clients face risk in specific core areas. Protecting them in these core areas takes access, know-how, and the right plan. Which arena of risk do you think is of the most importance to a retired Medicare client? Which Long Term Care plan would you offer your Life Insurance client?

As Senior Planning professionals we must have these answers, we must have these resources, if we are to make the profits our hard work deserves. At IBP we have leveraged our knowledge of the industry and position within a proven structure of partners and providers to match our client's needs with the right resources. Our partnerships within this proven system will equal profits to you and your business. Come see how IBP can take you from the GA to truly becoming an FMO of one!

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