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Get Retirement Ready

What we do is we work with people prior to retirement and we help them understand the shifts in insurance strategies and risk management that's going to help carry them out through the next 30 years of their life shifting from income to social security shifting from health insurance to medicare shifting from disability insurance to long-term care planning shifting from typical life insurance planning to planning really for final expense and really finishing up some of the legacy planning that people want to accomplish. Sometimes things get in the way, sometimes health issues or issues with family change things through the course and the other problem we have which most people are aware people are just living a long time and putting these pieces in place at retirement isn't always the finished product and many of our clients they have a general idea and they have an idea what insurance products they need but where they have challenges is transitioning those as their life changes and that's where we have really focused our intent is helping people understanding those transitions and helping them execute those if needed. what makes us different is we have the infrastructure we have the product knowledge we have the experience to really tie these transitional periods together proactive planning is essential and we just you know we just talk to people about this kind of in a different language and they really do appreciate .

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