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In the now or in the never...

What does your process for staying connected with potential and existing clients look like? For many of us this process borders on tedium, and due to our demanding schedules we look for ways, means and even apps to do this work for us. While these tools are helpful, we can miss the huge ROI in simply staying personally engaged with our existing clients; engaged through a simple, professional and comprehensive system that starts at your initial presentation.

In your business, what does comprehensive mean to you? Can you go beyond the obligatory birthday and anniversary cards and create consistent, personalized engagement throughout your book of business? We can begin to build rapport with our clients by delivering an empathetic, solution based, and consistent message from the onset; beginning with discussing their needs, exploring their wants, and learning their expectations. Where do your intentions and clients’ expectations intersect in your process? How else do you build trust and rapport with your clients?

"Today, being an agent isn’t enough; it takes more than an agent, it takes AN FMO OF ONE!"

Seniors and Gen Xers alike are looking for a ‘someone’ they can count on for answers; they no longer have H.R. departments vetting their options and offering them two or three solutions...they’re on their own. They need a professional, trusted advisor to help and guide them through what can be a confusing, troublesome and expensive aspect of their lives. Once our plan is in order, our expectations set and our connection solid, we know (for example) that when a new Medicare client needs a LTC plan, we have solutions available. Due to our personalized, empathetic, and consistent message we now have an informed client, and the rapport to show and close them on new lines of business. Never again need we hear “Oh...I didn’t know YOU did that” when we prompt a client on a new product.

Innovative Broker Partners has a proven, equitable, and profitable system of client interaction and engagement. They have the resources, the partnerships and the knowledge to take you and your business from the G.A. to becoming an FMO of One!

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