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Creating your Elder care Network

As AEP is in full swing, we pause only for a moment to reflect on where we are finding success. What we’ve found is, a major contributor to our success was in fact our fully developed Elder Care network. A network of contacts, companies and constituents gathered over years of everything from impromptu coffees to multiple day seminars. This network is a combination of the right resources, products, and industry partnerships, deployed through consistent communication to both client and constituent alike. What are the most important aspects of your elder care network? How do you connect resources with clients’ particular areas of risk?

We know how vital our network of resources is to our business. Creating partnerships and gaining access to products allow us to have solutions for our clients’ risk through referral or sale. Are you in a position to offer tailored solutions to your clients? Who do you turn to for answers within your network? What knowledge we don’t have, we must find access to through our network. Developing this web of knowledge and relying on it can, and has, proven invaluable to our business. We then in turn are able to consistently communicate opportunity, risk aversion and timely solutions to our clients. Who do you rely on as a trusted source?

At IBP, we have the Partnerships, the Network of Professionals, the Industry leading products along with an unsurpassed method of delivery. Come see how IBP can take your Senior Care business from the GA into an FMO of one! You work hard developing your networks, you strive every day to make your business successful, let IBP and our partners bring that success into the forefront. Come see how Our partnerships=Your profits.


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