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Confab on the Collab

In your insurance practice, what does collaboration mean to you? Is it a call, bringing together like minded peers toward a common goal? Writers, bloggers and managers alike have penned or quipped some motivational, bordering on cliché ”be around people smarter than you” quote to bring attention to the power that does lie in strategic and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Through all the jawing and jargon we find a common thread:

There are a few niche skill sets that bring tangible success to teams and the individuals within those teams.

There are those of us who possess the skills to fill a few select team roles at once, there are those who are the “Jacks of All'' who’s flexibility and adaptability gives strength to the team, and there then are the few absolute ‘best in class’ top performers whose particular skill is more like a superpower. How is your team or small collaboration made up? Can you identify, within your group, where each team member's strengths lie?

Collaboration and Teaming with professional, talented, and unique individuals is an invaluable tool in making lasting and profitable relationships. Let’s explore some team roles, what they do, and the skills that edify those roles.

-We’ve used aliases to protect the innocent:

The Inquisitors -the one who gets people talking, the Persistent question asker, the conversation starters, can redirect conversations within the team, or with a client. Where would you deploy the Inquisitor? How can YOU become the inquisitor when needed? What role do you see the Inquisitor working in conjunction with?

The Empaths -the one who connects with client, peer or team member’s feelings and can convey them to the group. Emotional connections within groups, families or even collaborations at work are complex. Those of us who are apt to see another’s point of view bring connection and trust between people. Is your groups’ Empath being acknowledged? Where can we employ an Empaths talents in a Marketing plan?

The Creatives -the Wordsmith, the Graphic Wiz, the Marketer with a finger on the pulse of the market. Whether you need a letterhead, or a letter written, Creative has your back. In no time, you are back online with the trendiest meme, the slickest email and a gorgeous backdrop pic to go with them. The creative gives their team time and inspiration through their craft. Can you see where a Creative could be a Tasker and an Empath? What benefit could that bring your business?

The Taskers -the scheduler, the completionist, people mover and time manager. Invaluable to the team in ways they sometimes don't see. Can definitely make enemies when boundaries are flimsy, yet incite dramatic solidarity through completed tasks and hard line results.

The Jokers- yes levity is great, humor can break barriers and objections, but the Joker excels at creating the vibe, breaking the silence, the ice, keeping the conversation moving. They are the natural networking guru and know everyone. What value do you think the Joker has in a Team? Do you take this role as a second to YOUR Superpower?

The Closers- the coffee makers, and coffee takers. The one who makes you sit up in your seat when they enter the room, then find yourself kicking off your shoes and inviting them to lunch. The Closer is a confidence builder and a hard question asker. Do you think a Closer can also be an Inquisitor, what other role can a Closer fill?

Taking the time and energy to identify team roles, and the skill sets that edify them gives us an opportunity to hone in on our own superpower. Surrounding ourselves with those peers, friends and teammates whose powers compliment our own can create even more potential when including those whose skills surpass our own. Every master has been an apprentice, so we do what we can to learn from the best in our arena. Innovative Broker Partners has created a program that will match your skill sets and strengths with proven methods, innovative solutions and their unique partnerships to take you from a G.A. to becoming an FMO of one. We no longer need to be stifled by a team with no superpowers, where our commissions slowly dwindle, where overhead and overrides are overbearing. You can be an FMO of one, you can create lasting and profitable relationships, and along with Innovative Broker Partners, you will!


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