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Accountability from Within, a conversation.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Are you driven to excellence by downward pressure or upward mobility? Does the value of a team member's trust outweigh even the heaviest of quotas? In the current climate of corona-virus-driven distancing, accountability measures and your understanding of them, may prove a powerful factor in your successes and failures. To get a better understanding of the "how" you respond to accountability, let's explore the human aspects within the "why".

Equity, Accountability and Fairness

You are human and as such, are subject to the great social motivator which is fairness. Better yet you, me, and all of them, yes we crave to be treated equitably, be prompted fairly, and held to the same account as our peers. Take examples from your own personal outcomes; note the correlations between your overall feelings of Equity or Fairness and the Success or Failure of each example. How did fairness, or lack thereof affect you? Did you promote or degrade equity within your peer group? Were these examples proof you need to make changes in your accountability measures?

"Accountability is neither friend nor foe, but a force with which to enhance the outcome of our endeavors." -Unknown

Challenging the Unforeseen Impacts

Within the framework of your personal accountability measures lie classic models of human behavior. The need for open communication, criticism and critique within relationships may well serve to challenge the unforeseen effects of others' behavior. Your communication of, and openness to, feedback measured with compassion and empathy, can build trust within teams and between peers. The overarching message, simply hold ourselves accountable to affording others the kindness, grace and compassion we so desire be given us. With this in mind, how can honest communication of criticism guard against unknown obstacles in your peer or work group? Would you accept critique in order to inspire accountability among your group?

The Recognition Connection

Even the smallest of nods, when given in salutation of an achievement, can inspire more than the hardest of blows launched at failure. While holding fast to our equitable and fair communication techniques, recognition of positive performance is a powerful accountability measure. Feedback on one’s needed improvement, and the recognition of that achievement inspires action; action tied directly to the accountability within the group. How has validation of your own success brought you closer to your team or group? Can you find balance between the pressure of accountability and the elation of accomplishment?

Explore the "how" of your reactions to accountability. Whether the measures are self imposed or hierarchical, how did open conversation play a role? Were you in a place to share feedback with compassion?

In recognition of your attention to this writing, I thank you for your readership.

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